About Me

My name is Adrian Lawley and I currently work as a PHP and Javascript Developer. Previously I worked for the JuwiMacmillan Group as a Software developer. My main tasks were converting XML into HTML with XSL, developing Javascript, mostly with jQuery and making everything look nice with CSS.

Prior to that, I was the lead web developer at SoftSelect. I relaunched the website ensuring everything was search engine optimised which really paid off. Within one year we had increased traffic by 600%. We also have a great time on site of over 5 minutes, which we interpret as doing things right, and offered further content to keep visitors on site for an average of 5 pages. I also worked on numerous other tasks, including a mailing list and survey software, and carried out tasks for their clients either relaunching websites or carrying out SEO checks to evaluate where there was room for improvement. I also relaunched the trendlux website, which had an even greater positive effect on traffic, making use of Google News to get people onto the website.

I have also worked for Germany's largest Car Hifi franchise group. My initial tasks included getting their ebay shop and onlineshop off the ground. These were followed by a relaunch of the car akustik website.

I created English correspondence and content, either translating it from German or generating it. I assisted colleagues who encountered difficulties in their daily use of the Microsoft Office package and other software.

Getting back to multimedia though, my personal strengths lie with PHP, JavaScript, mySQL and XSL. I like to optimise anything I do for search engines, ensuring any javascript degrades elegantly and avoid parameters in the URL on PHP pages.

I used to teach CLAIT (basic computer and Microsoft Office) to members of the British Army and their dependents in evening classes.

Previously to that, I served with the British Army for 12 years of service until leaving in 1997. I then worked for a company here in Germany spraying Plant Machinery, until retraining to become a multimedia operator from 2001 to 2003 with the main focus being on programming for the web. Since then I have worked solely as a web developer, either frontend or backend.

  • Software / Programming skills:
  • Expert:
    1. Object-oriented PHP including MVC techniques and Frameworks (CodeIgniter & cakePHP)
    2. mySQL
    3. CSS
    4. Javascript / jQuery
  • Advanced:
    1. Adobe Photoshop
    2. XSL
  • Adequate for my current needs:
    1. Adobe Premiere
    2. 3d Studio Max
    3. SoundForge
  • Beginner:
    1. Ruby
    2. Ruby on Rails
    3. Java
  • Languages:
    1. English (Mother tongue)
    2. German (fluent)

I have the ability to learn new software or languages quickly, so should you use other methods to the ones stated here, I can ensure you that this is only a minor setback.