Travel Cost Calculator

Posted on: November 1st, 2012 by taff


Piedmont trip calculatorI built this a few weeks back. It simply involves a little Maths and a bit of JavaScript to add and multiply fields, thus allowing the customer to see at a glance if they aren't better off using this airport by seeing how much it costs for parking, travelling and mileage. To save the user the hassle of repeatedly inputing things like the number of days they are away and their hourly rate, I added some automagical goodness to populate those fields once the equivalent first field had a value.

Everything went well thanks to a careful sprinkling of jQuery (mostly for the selectors). Due to the small amount of jquery required, this could have been the project where I could have finally give jquip (an unbloated jquery alternative)...but it wasn't

Business software site SoftSelect relaunched

Posted on: June 17th, 2012 by taff


Softselect screenshotIt is now just over a year that I relaunched SoftSelect. The main objective was to get rid of those pesky frames in order to optimise for search engines more efficiently and make adding content easier. A large number of new areas were added including a knowledge pool and the ability for SoftSelect partners to add job offers. To increase development time I decided to use cakephp and must say I am impressed. Any custom solutions in the future and cakephp is where I'm going. The new areas have proved very fruitful from a SEo point of view, increasing the amount of time users are on site and the number of pages visited per visit. Visit SoftSelect


Posted on: June 17th, 2012 by taff


trendlux prtrendlux is a public relations office for the IT and Hi-tech sector, based in Hamburg, Germany. I upgraded the site to incorporate a CMS (MODx), and upgrading it as time permits to incorporate further functionality such as mailing lists, newsletters etc. The site has bilingual functionality (German & English). As a comparison, here is a link to a screenie of the original site. A further aspect was SEO, where the average number of Page Impressions was increased from an average of 2500 pre-relaunch to over 50000 last month, an increase that I am very proud of indeed. Visit trendlux

Spevco – Special Vehicles Company

Posted on: June 17th, 2012 by taff


Spevco - Special Vehicles CompanySpevco has progressed immensely over the last couple of months. It is now a rich media internet platform with a comprehensive client area and project management functionality. An alpha version took 7 hours from PSD (a very tight deadline) to Content Management (including some JavaScript Eye Candy). This was a continuation project, starting as a simple website, then adding project management elements to the backend that allowed clients to see progress on projects and give feedback. I was asked by ZGDA to assist with this project and am glad I did. Visit Spevco