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JQuery colour alternate table rows

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Colouring alternate table rows increases readability, thus increasing usability. In particular long table rows with the same background colour being hard to read is a phenomenon that most of us know well from using MS Excel. The same goes for long tables in our browser where, in a worst case, we need to scroll the entire view.

Using jQuery to colour alternate table rows may sound strange when CSS now offers exactly that with the use of a pseudo selector.

Colour alternate table rows with CSS pseudo selector

tr:nth-child(even) {
background-color: #f8f8f8;

Unfortunately, and probably not that surprising for most of you, Internet Explorer 8 doesn't like the css solution. I am currently building an MIS for a large company and their browser of choice at the moment is, yes you guessed it, IE8 so I had to resort to a javascript solution. JQuery was already in use so I simply did the following

Colour alternate table rows with jQuery

$("tr:even").css("background-color", "#f8f8f8");

If I for whatver reason have no default background colour for my table rows I can use a short hand version of the if / else conditional like this

$("#idOgTable tbody tr").css("background-color", function(index) {
return index%2==0?"#f8f8f8":"#ffffff";

Due to my table setup using thead, tbody and tfoot tags I have the tbody in the selector. I needed this setup to allow me to use the amazing tablesorter plugin to exclude rows when sorting.

I hope you can use the above script to colour alternate table rows with jQuery.